Since Each Patient Is Different

Frustrated from using "cookie-cutter" orthodontic appliances on patients with different needs, Dr. McGann and other practicing dentists designed the Individual Patient (IP) Appliance®. As the first customized orthodontic appliance system, IP revolutionized how efficient and predictable GP orthodontic results are today. Instead of the typical “one size fits all” approach, you choose the optimal appliance for your patient’s anatomy and case goals. Through this customization, thousands of doctors have seen a tremendous increase in their orthodontic efficiency, predictability, and stability. As a POS student, you too will learn how to provide this more accurate customized treatment.

What Do I Need For Class?

In the Comprehensive Orthodontic Series you can look forward to many mechanics exercises, from bracketing a skull to using headgear, TPAs and coils. To participate, you will need the materials in the Educational Kit. This kit has many instruments and sample sizes of materials. You will use these items in class; you may also use many items on your patients too.

You will need these materials by your 3rd seminar (if you’re in the Live Format) or your 2nd module (if you’re in the IAT Format). If you already have some instruments, just let us know how to tailor the kit for you.


IP Appliance®

  • Reduce treatment time by 40%
  • Customize thetorque for each tooth
  • Gain full control of mesial and distal rotations
  • 18 archwire shapes - Design how you want to maintain, restrict or expand
  • Minimize overhead – order appliances after the case is accepted
  • Stable retention because:
    • Teeth are in their final position longer
    • Root torque is engaged from the start of treatment

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You’re Not Alone

We understand that starting a new specialty can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. As you’re starting your orthodontic career, we can help you understand what items will contribute to your success. We will also be honest and tell you what items may not be as necessary for your situation or quantity of patients.